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Outsourcing Solutions & Organisation Protection

Financial benefits of outsourcing your staff and how you will remain in control

Problems you may encounter running payroll in-house

  • New Reforms for Services.
  • Changes to Practices and Culture.
  • Increasing operating costs.
  • Increasing demands for services.
  • Reduced Settlements from Central Government.

Our Solution

  • Reduces operating costs instantly.
  • Save between 4% and 6% of Gross Payroll (Equivalent to 10% of P32).
  • Does not impact your business, staff or HMRC.

How the Outsourcing Service Works

A simple move from a "directly employed" structure to an "outsourced" structure lets us unlock your benefits

  • The new business structure is based in the UK and pays 100% of liabilities to UK HMRC.
  • We create a new business "Company A Personnel Limited".
  • Commercial Outsourcing.
  • All staff transfer into the new business, protected completely by TUPE (role, salary, titles, pay day, place of work, T&Cs all stay the same).
  • Only their legal employer changes to "Company A Personnel Limited".
  • We can advise on the most appropriate Pension Vehicle including auto-enrolment.
  • All staff tax and contribution are paid in full to HMRC.

Protections for you and your Organisation

  • Business control.
  • Term & termination.
  • Employee claims.
  • Savings.
  • Service related tax.
  • You retain all operational control on a day to day basis.
  • 30 day rolling contract, termination for convenience, staff transferred back within the notice period.
  • Staff are legally employed by the payroll service.
  • The Service Provider is liable for all services related to tax incl. PAYE, NI. VAT & corporation tax.
  • Cannot be "joint & several" so liabilities cannot transfer back to you. Your assets are protected from HMRC debt recovery even if the Payroll Service Provider defaults on payments to HMRC.

Protections for your staff

  • UK PAYE Employment.
  • TUPE compliant transfer.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Staff consultation.
  • Effective communication.
  • Staff remain employed in the UK on a PAYE basis, exactly as they are now.
  • All existing T&Cs are preserved during transfer to the payroll service and back to you on termination.
  • Existing employment contracts are assigned to the payroll service provider, to guarantee there can be no claim of changes in the T&Cs.
  • You only need to notify staff of the change in legal employer (you do not need to seek permission) under the TUPE regulations.
  • We assist you in communicating the changes to the staff and we believe in supporting the implementation through strong communication.

The payroll service is governed by 3 agreements that can be terminated within 30 days for any reason...

Deeds of Transfer

  • Transfers your staff to the employment Company at the commencement of the contract.
  • Staff are completely and legally protected by TUPE.
  • Staff cannot refuse to transfer.

Terms & Termination

  • Rolling contract.
  • 30 days notice - termination for convenience - by both parties.
  • Staff automatically TUPE back to you.
  • No exit fees or penalties.

Employment Services Agreement

  • You are responsible for the day-to-day operational direction and supervision of staff.
  • Employer (The Payroll Service Provider) responsible for payment of all taxes to HMRC.
  • Employer (The Payroll Service Provider) deals with all HMRC enquiries relating to staff.

Agency Payment Agreement

  • Authorises you to pay the net salary directly to your staff on behalf of The Payroll Service Provider.